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Tasty treats in the blogosphere

Never having dipped my toes in the world of foodblogging, I was pretty stunned at the sheer sweep of impassioned culinary and food critic blogs being authored in my old stomping grounds, the Bay Area.

Take, for instance, the Blue Bottle Coffee Company from Oakland, whose blog is wildly popular among loyal customers. Then there's northern California public broadcaster KQED's Bay Area Bites, Meathenge, Becks & Posh, Moveable Feast, Mesh Magazine, Knife's Edge, Cooking With Amy, Chez Pim, On My Plate and many, many more.

Things are picking up here in Sweden, too. There's Matälskaren, Broccoli (see posts on Swedish frozen-foods behemoth Findus's recent guerilla campaign in the Stockholm underground and a review of newly opened restaurant Il forno con tapas), Kardemumma, and Brax on Food (the "personal opinions of a food critic").

Swedish restaurateurs and culinary entrepreneurs should take notice. There are a lot of oportunities to be had here. Not only should eating and drinking establishments approach reputable and knowledgeable foodbloggers about samplig their fare, they also should consider leveraging the blog vehicle to profile their chefs and menus.

If any of you Swedish bloggers can recommend other foodblogs, let us know!

//Billy McCormac [Hat tip: Niall Kennedy]

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Min personliga favorit bland svenska matbloggar är http://fastfoodlovers.blogspot.com


Posted by: Helena Söderlind-Paues at Sep 13, 2005 2:17:24 PM

Another great Swedish food blog is http://annesfood.blogspot.com/ (Anne's Food). Anne lists 9 other Swedish food blogs. Soon you'll have as many as we do in the Bay Area!

Posted by: Amy at Sep 13, 2005 4:44:09 PM

And of course matblogg.se
We also have all swedish foodblogs listed.

Posted by: Christopher Anderton at Jan 5, 2006 1:31:50 AM