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Correspondents Worry McClellan is "Losing It"

Is White House press secretary Scott McClellan “dissipating the goodwill he had for not being Ari Fleischer?” So says one White House correspondent interviewed for this Washingtonian article, which claims McClellan “lost it” as he struggled not to answer questions concerning the President’s “service” in the National Guard. The Holmes Report says criticisms of McClellan are similar to those of Fleischer. According to CBS correspondent John Roberts, “We don’t get our questions answered most of the time.” But whereas Fleischer was a Washington insider who would occasionally go off-the-record in less formal settings, McClellan came up with the Bush Texas operation and seems uncomfortable departing from the party line in any setting. According to the article, “The confrontation created talk among White House correspondents as to whether McClellan could stand the pressure as it builds during the 2004 campaign season.” //Billy McCormac

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