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Can you supersize that shirt?

The BBC writes that burger giant McDonald's is launching a line of branded clothes for kids called, hold your breath, McKids. "In a statement McDonald's said the clothing is intended to offer quality fabrics in styles that will endure 'season after season.' Larry Light, McDonald's global chief marketing officer, said the move exemplified 'a new thinking.'" Whether parents will be willing to fork over their hard-earned pay to put little Taylor and Tucker in golden-arches wear remains to be seen, however.

As the Strategic Public Relations blog points out, Coke explored similar brand-extension avenues in the 1980s. In a (somewhat) related story JKL Blog readers may recall that Coke recently angered the PR gods. Read Tom Murphy's excellent dissection of this major PR debacle. JKL's Liv Fries weighs in here (in Swedish). //Billy McCormac

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