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Jumping on the blogwagon

U.S. corporations of all sizes are tuning into the opportunities afforded by weblogs. JKL has been monitoring this trend and, as this Fast Company article plainly reinforces, it won't be long until enterprise blogs are seamlessly woven into the corporate communications fabric.

Internal blogs are facilitating problem-solving, enhancing productivity and connecting employees previously lacking a common forum for exchanging knowledge and experiences. Verizon, a provider of wireline and wireless communications uses an internal blog to keep track of news about competitors. At some U.S. plants DaimlerChrysler managers use an internal blog to "discuss problems and keep a record of their solutions." Many pan-Nordic companies could reap material cost savings while at the same time bridging corporate cultural divides and building consumer confidence by rolling out internal bogs.

How? Fast Company writes: “Web log software is cheaper to install and maintain than many knowledge-sharing programs, and it's extremely simple to use. Knowledge software often requires employees to take both an extra step and extra time to record what they know, and to fit their knowledge into a database of inflexible categories. Internal blogs are more integrated into a worker's regular daily communications. IBM began blogging in December, and by February, some 500 employees in more than 30 countries were using it to discuss software development projects and business strategies.”

Corporations are also tapping influential bloggers as part of their wider PR campaigns. Fast Company notes that "Random House's Crown Publishing sends books to bloggers for review." Nokia, too, has jumped on the blogwagon, shipping out its 3650 model camera phone to a select group of bloggers. Readers turn to blogs for spin-free content. A single whiff of corporate meddling can torpedo a blogger's credibility. As a result, PR people are still learning how to pitch to bloggers, many of whom are notorious mavericks.

I’ve checked out a lot of Sweden’s weblogs and numerous companies are mentioned—sometimes in flattering terms, sometimes not. Businesses need to begin expanding their business intelligence analytics to include blog content. People who author blogs are motivated communicators and vardagssamtalet is increasingly migrating to the online community. This is a trend that’s definitely worth watching. //Billy McCormac

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