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Bill Gates extolls virtues of blogs, RSS to corporate bigwigs

Reuters reports that Bill Gates told top corporate executives -- including Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell, Carly Fiorina, Barry Diller -- at Microsoft's eighth annual CEO Summit in Redmond that "Weblogs and the way they are distributed can be used as business communication tools."

"Gates' comments on blogging technology were the most extensive thus far from Microsoft's chief software architect, signaling that the world's largest software company is waking up to the potential of blogging as a potential threat and also as a new business opportunity."

Mary Jo Foley of Microsoft Watch wrote: "The productivity benefits accrued by companies that aren't afraid to back "bottoms-up empowerment" was a key theme for Gates during his hour-long address, attended by CEOs from Barnes & Noble, Berkshire-Hathaway, Dell, Delta, Fanny Mae, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot and other Fortune 1000 firms from around the world."

"Gates also extolled the productivity benefits that can be derived from user-empowering technologies such as blogging, RSS, collaboration software and online communities that are integrated into Web sites."

Reuters reports that, as JKL Blog previously noted here and here, "new Microsoft competitor, Google Inc., has also embraced blogging as a way to deliver more information to Web users and commercialize on the opportunity."

Terry Heaton of the POMO blog commented quite rightly that, "The important thing here isn't what [Gates] said, it's who he said it to. These are topline folks in the business world, and all I can say is get ready for the RSS floodgates to open."

Hat tip to Constantin Basturea for the story. //Billy McCormac

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