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Google's bloggers apologize, sink into metaphor quagmire

googleAs JKL Blog noted a few days ago, Google has launched a corporate blog -- a somewhat surprising move for a company in the IPO waiting room. The blog platform offered Google a great opportunity to communicate with stakeholders in a personal, not-so-corporate voice. But things got off to a rocky start. To the dismay of its newfound readership, initial posts were left unsigned and at least one was edited after the fact. The boys at Google offer this turgid account of their first week as neophyte members of the blogosphere (once again Media Guerilla is on the ball):

"Blogs are living things. Ours was just born and is still adjusting to the loud noises and the bright lights. It's gonna be awhile before we get our driver's license, so you decide if you want to sit in the passenger seat while we figure out which one's the gear shift and which is the turn signal. One way or another, it should be an interesting ride."

Let's hope they opt for clarity and cogency in future posts. //Billy McCormac

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