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MEPs and free trade

75665735Johan Norberg's blog discusses the new Timbro study (English / Swedish) penned by Fredrik Erixon and Niklas H Rossbach.

"Their study of the voting record of the MEPs reveal that there are six times more protectionists than free traders in the European Parliament. The worst group is the green group. Only one member of the entire parliament, Spain´s Cristina García-Orcoyen Tormo (EPP), has voted as a consistent free trader on every issue. It’s a pity I can’t vote for her. Sweden has most free traders, and France (suprise!) [sic] the fewest. But on the whole the results from the Swedes are also disappointing, I am especially disappointed by folkpartiet [Liberal Party] and moderaterna [Moderate Party] – who oppose tariffs, but vote in favour of subsidies for farmers. The strongest Swedish free trader is the [Moderate Party MEP] Charlotte Cederschiöld. But on average, the Swedish social democrats vote in a better way, and it is actually the best party on trade/subsidies in the European Parliament."

The report was also mentioned today in Dagens Nyheter's lead editorial (in Swedish) and last night on Gudmundson. //Billy McCormac

Full disclosure: Fredrik Erixon has what you might call, ahem, "close ties" with JKL Blog senior editor Tove Lifvendahl.

Fuller disclosure: Anders Kempe was a member of Timbro's board.

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