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Weblogs: a contributory element to the research dissemination process

logo2ERADC, the e-portfolio research and development community, (which, according to the website, "has been set up to provide a reference point for interested parties to contribute and learn more about e-portfolios and developments that may impact on the e-portfolio.") has published an interesting study on weblogs as a contributory element to the research dissemination process. The paper's contributors, David Tosh and Ben Werdmuller, write:

"The concept of weblogs as a medium for academic discussion and paper dissemination has been raised before but never has the climate been so ideal for actually exploiting this resource. Weblog use within academic communities is increasing rapidly especially in the US and Canada. Institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth and the University of British Columbia have implemented weblogs for discussion, while other institutions use the weblog as one means of communication between faculty, tutors and their students. Persons ranging from academics to application developers use weblogs as a means to share / display snippets of their research6. By its very nature, weblog technology enables news and ideas to travel quickly."

Download the full PDF report: Weblogs_and_research.pdf
//Billy McCormac

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