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Enter the "show blogs"

Reuters notes that “CBS.com is bringing viewers into the blog universe as a new way of giving its audience insider information and exclusive looks behind the scenes of some of CBS’ biggest hits.

Nancy Tellem, president of CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group, tells Reuters that the blogs are a “bonus for the network’s viewers that reward their loyalty and interest.” “Blogs are a great way to bring the millions of viewers who enjoy our programming into the creative process,” she said.

Corey Miller, executive story editor for "CSI


," tells viewers how an episode goes from initial idea to final cut as he shares his perspective. James Van Praagh, co-executive producer of “Ghost Whisperer,” is extending his online presence with a blog that provides information about the show, augmented by news relevant to the spirit world. And contestants from previous seasons comment on events during "Survivor



“Threshold,” “NCIS” and “The Amazing Race: Family Edition” are among the shows that will offer blogs in the future.

Yes, this is interesting—up to a point. CBS should be commended for embracing the Web 2.0 mindset, but my initial impression of these “show blogs” is that they’re yet another exercise in one-way communication between the networks and viewing audiences. No comments are allowed, for instance, which at the very least would be entertaining for the reality TV crowd doubtless drawn to the Survivor



//Billy McCormac

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