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"Forget Blogs, Print Needs Its Own iPod"

David Carr in the New York Times: "The newspaper business is in a horrible state. It's not that papers don't make money. They make plenty. But not many people, or at least not many on Wall Street, see a future in them. In an attempt to leave the forest of dead trees and reach the high plains of digital media, every paper in the country is struggling mightily to digitize its content with Web sites, blogs, video and podcasts.

And they are half right. Putting print on the grid is a necessity, because the grid is where America lives. But what the newspaper industry really needs is an iPod moment.

As Carr astutely  recognizes, the "iPod was not a new kind of CD player, it was a new way of listening to music."

"Consider if the line between the Web and print matter were erased by a device for data consumption, not data entry - all screen, no baggage - that was uplinked and updated constantly: a digital player for the eyes, with an iTunes-like array of content available at a ubiquitous volume and a low, digestible price."

Read the whole piece here.

//Billy McCormac

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It’s called common sense. Something that I guess people these days have forgotten. Naturally if you are going to blast your iPod in your ears at full volume you will have hearing problems. If you can’t control the volume then you shouldn’t own any kind of stereo equipment at all because they can all damage your ears easily. Apple or any company cannot be your baby sitter for what you do with your equipment every second of the day.

Posted by: pradeep at May 29, 2007 12:07:44 PM